Sexy Filipino Dude
Lol...not that I'm on some mission to have a multicultural assortment of cum facials, but when I see a dude I'm attracted to and he sees me and he's attracted to me, hey, I wanna be fed!!!! Lolz...this sexy-azz Filipino wit crazy hot style and swagg was hollaring and motioning to me like any hood dude--I mean, I really ain't know what da fuk his nationality was. All I knew is that he made my mouf wet and I wanted to taste So I motioned to him to follow me into a cut and when he did, he came up on my azz real close and I could feel his dik brick as fuk on my azz...I grabbed it and dropped down and started licking it. It was not the biggest dik at all, but it was girthy, throbbing, and hard as a rock, and his clothes had that scent of Gain fabric softener wit a tinge of his crochy musk which had marinated in his underwear and he was jus hot and in heat...not to mention his sexy arms, so you know I got up off my knees and took him to a more comfortable spot where he could enjoy me slurping him...thus dude has a hot-azz bootie time imma get him to show that bootie even more...before we got to the spot, he had to take a pist, so you'll see me wiping that dik up some cuz tho I wanna be pissed on at some point, I really don't like sukin a dik after a dude pees...the taste jus fuks wit my taste buds and I wind up gaging before the dik hits the back of my if you're into Filipino kats, you'll like this--enjoy!!!
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